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New maintenance requirements were issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in December 2013. These changes impact the way hospitals must set the Inspection and Preventive Maintenance (IPM) frequency for their medical equipment. The update also introduces new technical terms that must be used when communicating with those agencies.

Hospitals are left wondering how to correctly apply and use the new technical vocabulary while complying with the updates. They must have an understanding of the updates and actions they’re required to take.

Here’s what hospitals are asking:

  • How do we set IPM intervals to be in compliance with the latest CMS requirements? 

  • What is the difference between the CMS term “Critical Equipment” and The Joint Commission term “High Risk Equipment”?

  • What is DNV’s approach to “Critical Equipment” and complying with the new CMS requirements?

  • When can we select an IPM interval that is different from the manufacturer’s recommended interval?


This web conference is free for ECRI Institute Health Devices System™, Health Devices Gold™, and SELECTplus™ members. List price for archive recording and materials is $249.

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  • Jonathan A. Gaev, MSE, CCE, HEM, PMP, Business Line Manager, BiomedicalBenchmark™, ECRI Institute

  • Randall S. Snelling, Chief Physical Environment Officer, DNV Healthcare


  • Jeremy Suggs, ScD, Engineering Manager, Health Devices, ECRI Institute

​You and your team will learn:​Who should attend​:
  • ​How to avoid miscommunication during accreditation surveys and CMS audits
  • How to set IPM intervals in compliance with the new regulations
  • How The Joint Commission and DNV Healthcare are applying the regulations
  • ​Clinical engineering/health technology managers 
  • Clinical engineers
  • Biomedical equipment technicians
  • Risk managers
  • Hospital administrators
  • Facility managers
  • Other healthcare professionals


​A Web Conference Presented by ECRI Institute

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