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​Clinical alarms should:

  • Sound when needed--only for patient conditions that require a staff response
  • Be clear, noticeable, and unambiguous
  • Communicate to the caregiver in a timely manner
  • Notify the caregiver to respond immediately and appropriately (based on urgency)

With so many requirements, failures are possible at many points in the process.

Alarm integration systems (middleware) are often purchased to help coordinate alarms from multiple devices and support ancillary alarm notification. However, the market for alarm middleware is saturated and picking the most appropriate system for your facility is difficult.

Join ECRI Institute and a team of alarm middleware vendors for this webinar on Wednesday, April 29, 2015, from 1-3 PM, to find out about the alarm integration systems currently on the market. ECRI Institute is hosting a web conference where the vendors will provide overviews of their systems. “Alarm Middleware Vendor Roundtable: Cutting Through the Confusion” is an objective and interactive web conference with dedicated Q&A time for participants to ask specific questions to alarm middleware vendors. Participants will hear from a variety of middleware vendors, giving them the opportunity to learn what each system offers and how to make better informed purchasing decisions.+


*This web conference is free for ECRI Institute Health Devices System™, Health Devices Gold™, and SELECTplus™ members. List price for archive recording and materials is $249.

+The opinions from the vendors stated during this web conference do not reflect the opinions of ECRI Institute nor do they reflect ECRI’s point of view.

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  • Erin Sparnon, MEng, Engineering Manager, Health Devices, ECRI Institute


  • Ramya Krishnan, Senior Project Engineer, Health Devices, ECRI Institute


Middleware vendors will present:Who should attend​:
  • ​An overall description
  • Capabilities and functions
  • Unique features
  • The future direction
  • Risk managers
  • Clinical staff
  • Nursing administration
  • ICU staff
  • Clinical department heads
  • Clinical and biomedical engineers
  • Materials managers
  • Other healthcare professionals involved in managing alarms


​A Web Conference Presented by ECRI Institute

Purchase the recording $249