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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities that are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak are looking for alternative suppliers of certain personal protective equipment (PPE) and life-saving medical technology. Many facilities are experiencing shortages of PPE, including masks, gowns and gloves .

The depth and breadth of our medical technology databases enables us to benchmark pricing on nearly 2 million supplies and more than 100,000 capital equipment items. We are expanding access to our exclusive content to help you respond to COVID-19 with the free resources listed below. Additional comprehensive content is available on our membership websites. Through these programs and customized consulting services, we assure smart purchasing choices and safe patient care. Please contact us to learn more.

ECRI and AHRMM collaboration – vetting non-traditional suppliers

ECRI is working with AHRMM to provide lists of non-traditional suppliers offering PPE supplies. In this collaboration, AHRMM is tracking non-traditional domestic suppliers and ECRI is tracking non-traditional international suppliers. Download the ECRI list here.

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NEW White Paper | Lessons of COVID-19: Three Actions for a More Resilient Supply Chain: The challenges faced by supply chain professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic included shortages of critical PPE supplies, overreliance on supplies from China, and purchases from non-traditional international suppliers creating uncertainty about safety during an unprecedented health crisis.

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