COVID-19 Resources for Aging Care

Every leader of a continuing care, skilled nursing, or home care organization seeks to minimize risk and protect the safety of seniors and staff every day and especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtually any community or facility benefits from expert tools and resources to help in assessing and mitigating risk.

ECRI has broad expertise to support resident safety and risk management goals. Our expert research and advice address a wide range of risk factors—including the emergency preparedness, disaster planning, and resident safety guidance and tools that we are offering below for free public access. Additional comprehensive content is available on our membership websites. Please contact us to learn more. 

Statement of alignment

ECRI and LeadingAge PA are collaborating to help protect Pennsylvania’s older adults by providing COVID-19 pandemic safety, risk, and quality expertise and resources for care givers. ECRI’s Director of Aging Services, Victor Lane Rose, said, “The missions of both ECRI and LeadingAge PA share an important and ultimate purpose during the pandemic and beyond – to reduce harm to our state’s older adults and the workforces caring for them, everywhere the opportunity presents itself.” In that spirit, Mr. Rose and Adam Marles, President and CEO of LeadingAge PA, are fully committed to the organizations working together to reduce risk, improve quality, and increase safety for Pennsylvania’s aging services providers across all care settings.

This new collaboration is just one of the many ways that ECRI is working with like-minded organizations to protect Pennsylvania’s older adults, including ECRI’s COVID-19 Resource Center and partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Key resources


CMS Emergency Preparedness Rule resources

Emergency plan

  • White Paper | Emergency Preparedness and Response in Aging Services: Free resource for healthcare professionals on responding to epidemics, pandemics, and outbreaks in aging care facilities. There are no small decisions in response to pandemics and outbreaks; gaps in response and performance can lead to a series of cascading adverse situations and harm to persons served and care providers.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Planning and Mitigation: Executive brief and action recommendations about emergency operations committees and the planning and mitigation elements of a comprehensive emergency operations plan.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Response & Recovery: Executive brief and action recommendations to help facilities plan and prepare in advance, to mitigate, respond to, and recover from natural and human-made emergencies and disasters.

Policies and procedures

Communication plan

External resources

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