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Get the right supplies at the right price with PriceGuide, the complete advisory service for the procurement of medical/surgical supplies, implants, instruments, pharmaceuticals, and other supply items.

With more than 2 million unique supply items, PriceGuide offers the largest database of supply pricing in the industry, representing all U.S. hospital types and group purchasing organizations. Benchmark pricing against your peers and strengthen your vendor negotiations.

NEW from PriceGuideUtilization Analytics

Quickly visualize your facility's reported product usage by category within the PriceGuide database with our Utilization Analytics. Compare your usage with that of peer organizations of similar bed size and case mix. Variations can mean over-utilization or inappropriate use. Identify savings opportunities and receive best practice guidelines to ensure optimal use.

Evaluate product features with comparative analytics

Enhance your value analysis process with PriceGuide product evaluations and custom technology analyses, side-by-side testing performed in ECRI Institute's onsite laboratories.

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Spend Analytics

  • PriceGuide Database
    Benchmark proposed pricing against the industry's largest database of med-surg supplies and implants with benchmarks on more than 2 million products.
  • Quotation Analysis
    Request a comparison of your proposed pricing.
  • Spend Analysis
    See an overview of spend, savings, and standardization opportunities.
  • Price Parity Analysis
    Identify situations where different prices have been reported by your organization for the same product.

Comparative Analytics

Compare multiple products feature-by-feature based on our evaluations and in-house lab testing, and receive a recommendation of which product to purchase.

Utilization Analytics

Compare your usage with that of peer organizations. Identify savings opportunities and receive best practice guidelines to ensure otimal utilization. 

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