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Is your medical technology appropriate and up to date? Could your clinical operations use a boost in efficiency? Are you concerned about patient safety issues such as clinical alarm management? Have you been dreaming of renovating or expanding your facility?

Backed by ECRI Institute's decades of research, experience, and independence, our Applied Solutions Group can provide your healthcare organization with custom-tailored solutions to challenges such as:

  • Planning your capital medical technology needs for the next five years
  • Managing medical equipment needs for a construction project
  • Meeting patient safety challenges including alarm management
  • Integrating medical technology and health IT
  • Benchmarking your biomedical engineering services

Customized Solutions for Your Complex Challenges

Although every client’s needs are unique, these are our most requested topics.

Strategic Technology Advisory Services

  • Strategic Technology Planning: Develop dynamic, customized plans for the full continuum of medical equipment planning, from acquisition to replacement
  • Robotic Surgery Planning: Customized, strategic planning recommendations for improving your current program or developing a new one
  • OR Integration Planning: Hands-on assistance for designing, procuring, and installing a state-of-the-art integrated OR
  • Predictive Replacement Planning: Coordinate a feasible replacement schedule for capital medical equipment based on your organization's goals, patient needs, and equipment maintenance history
  • Hybrid OR Planning: Find out if you have a need for a hybrid OR based on your strategic goals, hospital caseload, and available space

Alarm Safety Management

  • Alarm Management Consulting: Engage in an on-site review of the pillars of successful alarm management safety to craft proven, practical alarm management strategies
  • Clinical Alarm Integration: Establish an effective, implementable system that automates and facilitates propagation of alarms to the appropriate locations


Build better capital budgets with independent technology experts at the table.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Develop and implement a remote patient monitoring program to improve patient care and reduce readmissions.

Cybersecurity Gap Analysis

Strengthen your cybersecurity programs and initiatives by addressing gaps in your culture, practices, infrastructure, and technology.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Find opportunities for immediate savings, capital integration, and better risk management to increase negotiating clout with vendors and insurers.

Medical Equipment Planning

Comprehensive, integrated, and systematic medical equipment planning and procurement advisory services for complex projects.

Value Analysis

Develop a cohesive, systematic approach to assessing the potential clinical, safety, operational, and financial benefits of new and existing products.

Technology Management/Clinical Engineering Review

Find solutions for improving medical equipment availability, hospital operations, and patient care in your organization with in-house or outsourced programs.

CT Radiation Dose Safety

Keep your patients safe from unnecessary and excessive CT radiation with a customized safety review.

Patient Safety Reviews

Identify potential patient safety vulnerabilities that could result in medical errors.

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