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Choose the gold standard for medical technology selection, procurement, and management. A premier patient safety resource for healthcare decision makers, Health Devices Gold™ delivers a broad suite of resources to select, use, maintain, and manage healthcare technologies, with hard-working online tools and resources to support smart product selection and purchasing. Membership includes:

  • Health Devices System 
    A health technology management suite offering unbiased medical product test results and ratings, an early warning system of device safety alerts, expert technology guidance, free consultations and webinars, and more invaluable tools and resources. Engineering and risk management departments rely on Health Devices daily to help navigate today's complex health technology challenges.
  • Healthcare Product Comparison System (HPCS)
    Whether you’re purchasing equipment now or planning for the future, HPCS gives you what you need to set up the evaluation process and inform your purchasing decisions. Detailed technology overviews and product comparison charts with side-by-side recommended specifications help you narrow the field quickly.
    Sort, navigate, filter, and customize views for more than 550 types of devices.
  • Sourcebase Gold
    Our exclusive online database of manufacturers and distributors of medical devices worldwide, this comprehensive resource allows you to quickly narrow down device selection and move health technology purchases forward. Hospitals worldwide rely on Sourcebase Gold to locate medical products, contact suppliers, and compare prices.

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 why members rely on Health Device Gold

Select, use, maintain, and manage healthcare technologies, with hard-working online tools and resources to support smart product selection and purchasing. This broad suite of technology decision-making resources offers:

  • In-depth evaluations and comparative ratings on healthcare products and expert guidance on hot technology topics
  • Healthcare product safety alerts covering medical device problems, field corrections, and recalls, with recommendations for follow-up.
  • Searchable database of technology overviews and product specifications for capital medical equipment, as well as customized RFPs
  • Easily downloadable files of medical product manufacturers and distributors, device nomenclature names and codes, manufacturer profile information
  • Integration for your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Personal, expert consultation on high impact medical technology topics
  • Free web conferences on critical healthcare technology issues
  • User experience survey results that reflect the opinions of healthcare workers who use, service, and maintain equipment

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Device & Supplier Profiles
Also known as: Sourcebase
Device Overviews & Specifications
Also known as: Health Product Comparison System (HPCS)
Evaluations & Guidance
Also known as: Health Devices
Healthcare Product Alerts
Device & Supplier Downloadable Files
Also known as: Sourcebase Gold
FDA Device Reports
User Experience

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