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​​​​​Tap into ECRI Institute's independent, unbiased expertise to make well-informed decisions regarding coverage and implementation of new and emerging drugs, health devices, procedures, and processes.

By providing high-quality information on clinical, safety, cost, and reimbursement data, ECRI Institute can help you bring in the technologies that make the most sense for your organization, your patient populations, and your bottom line.

Access up-to-date evidence reports and forecasts, engage with our experts in consultations, or make custom, time-sensitive research requests on specific technologies and procedures. The Evidence Bar™ gives you bottom-line judgment on new and emerging drugs and devices.

ECRI Institute GRADEs the Clinical Evidence

How ECRI Institute Researches New and Emerging Technologies

Shoshannah Roth, PhD, summarizes our findings on a new cardiac device Length: 2:21.


Here's how you can reach your decisions more quickly:

  • Let us research your product requests. Our on-site experts can perform time-intensive research while you focus on other tasks. Reports are delivered in time for your value analysis meetings.
  • Access thousands of reportsor make custom requests. Need to compare this technology to that technology? Check our database. If you can't find what you're looking for, simply tell us what you need and we'll get to work.
  • Monitor new and emerging technologies. Track health technologies so you can craft a strategic technology plan that fits your organization's vision.
  • Thrive with market intelligence. Use our reports to underpin coverage decisions, track trends (including pricing) on competing or disruptive technologies, and compare products.

Succeed the Evidence-based Way

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 What you get as a member

An easily searchable online database of reportsand the ability to make custom requeststo help you make evidence-based decisions on technology along the continuum of evidence, from research and development to widespread diffusion. Our  multidisciplinary staff, which includes doctoral-level scientists, physicians, nurses, technologists, and research analysts, are just a phone call or e-mail away.

  • Evidence-based recommendations on brand-name drugs, devices, or tests that you’re considering (ECRI Institute uses the GRADE-based evidence-rating system, the worldwide gold standard for rating the strength of evidence).
  • Roadmaps to the literature on specific health technologies or services.
  • Systematic reviews that provide a first look at the clinical evidence on newly approved technologies and procedures.
  • Profiles of technologies under research and development and their potential impact on your facility.
  • Clinical specialty forecasts on new and emerging interventions.

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ECRI Institute provides broad access to medical technology assessment information and research results so that your conclusions about medical devices, drugs, and procedures can be drawn from the most comprehensive pool of findings available.

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