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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This Device​​​​ Evaluation webcast is being made available to the general public. Con​​tact us to learn abou​​t everything the Device Evaluation group can do for your organization.​​

This webcas​t was h​eld on August 24, 2022. A recording of the event appears below. 


An infiltration at the IV site, when fluid enters tissue outside vessels, is a common problem. Left untreated and unchecked, IV infiltration can lead to excessive fluid in compartments of the arm, causing damage to nerves, arteries, and muscles.

Most facilities rely on a periodic clinician examination of the IV site to determine if an infiltration has occurred. An optical sensor technology is now available to support the clinical examination with continuous IV site monitoring that claims to provide an early warning of a potential infiltration.

Watch a recording of our August 24 lab tour ​​to learn about infiltration detectors and to get a sneak peek at ECRI's lab testing of this monitoring technology.


  • Jason Launders, Director of Operations, Device Evaluation, ECRI
  • Juuso Leinonen, BEng, Principal Project Engineer, Device Evaluation, ECRI
  • Kelly Graham, BS, RN, Patient Safety Analyst IV, ECRI and the Institute for Safe Medication Practices PSO



View a recording from the August 24, 2022, live-streamed lab webcast, "In-Lab Testing: Device to Reduce Risk of IV Site Infiltrations." Length: 0:00.


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