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As new technologies arrive on the market with lightning speed, ECRI Institute can help you decide which ones you should track based on your organization's needs.

Early Warnings on Technologies

Backed by independent, unbiased research and expert opinion, ECRI Institute's continually updated database of horizon-scanning technology profiles gives you detailed glimpses into the drugs, devices, and procedures under research and development that could potentially change the way you deliver care.

Each technology report includes hype-free perspectives and predictions; developer insights; information on cost, regulatory, and reimbursement issues; the technology's impact on other technologies; and the state of the research.

Additionally, weekly news briefs related to topics we track cover recent studies, technologies, FDA approvals, coverage decisions, and other developments.

In-depth Planning with at-a-glance Information

Each Health Technology Forecast report contains a Technology Impact Radar graphic, which makes it easier for you to interpret the potential impact that a new technology is expected to have in five key areas (adoption, financial, patient outcomes, process, and utilization). Our Eye on Technology chart offers insight into the development stage of these technologies.

This service is available as part of our Health Technology Assessment Information Service.

 Sample Technology Forecasts



Wearable Artificial Kidney for Kidney Dialysishttps://www.ecri.org/components/Forecast/Pages/11373.aspxWearable Artificial Kidney for Kidney Dialysis4/18/2017 12:00:00 AM Wearable artificial kidneys (WAKs) are intended to let patients undergo continuous dialysis that more closely simulates normal kidney function, potentially improving outcomes and quality of life. As of April 2017, only one WAK had begun U.S. clinical trials.