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Biomedtalk is an online forum to discuss topics relevant to biomedical technicians and clinical engineers. Participants in Biomedtalk include FDA, AAMI, manufacturers, independent service organizations, in-house departments, and students.

Join Biomedtalk

Anyone who has an interest in the biomedical engineering industry is welcome. To join the forum, go to and click Register with ECRI's Biomedtalk.

Once registered, you will be taken to the home page of the forum. From there, you can look at other people's posts and reply to topics, or start your own discussion. Discussions are grouped into categories including equipment problems and job opportunities.

Set up and configure alerts

Set up alerts to receive e-mails from the forum. You can choose the frequency of alerts and filter based on specific criteria. If you are having trouble registering or have any other questions, visit the FAQ page in the forum or contact us at


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