Alarm Safety Handbook

A reference manual and workbook to help improve alarm management safety practices to keep your patients out of harm's way

The Alarm Safety Handbook: Strategies, Tools, and Guidance provides a starting point for hospitals to create their own alarm management programs, and meet the Joint Commission's National Patient Safety Goal on alarm safety. Read an overview of the handbook.

Table of contents

  1. Making Alarm Management a Patient Safety Priority (sample pages)
  2. Understanding Clinical Alarm Hazards—A Conceptual Model
    The Life Cycle of an Alarm
  3. Creating an Action Plan
    The Path to Alarm Safety (sample pages)
  4. Putting the Plan into Action
    Using ECRI Institute Tools and Resources and Workbook Content
  5. Identifying Best Practices
    Useful Resources and Case Studies (sample pages)

Workbook Tools (editable versions of these tools available for download)

  • Sample Announcement from Leadership
  • Alarm Management Team Roster
  • Care Area Assessment Checklist
  • Nursing Staff Survey
  • Incident-report Review Form
  • Alarm Review Tool
  • Starter List of Alarm Signals
  • Strategies for Reducing the Alarm Load

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