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​​Currently retired from law and banking, William David Webb, MD is the former senior vice president for mergers and acquisitions and installment loans for the Industrial Valley Bank of Philadelphia. Along with his private legal practice in center city Philadelphia, Webb was an instructor of business law at Temple University School of Business, and in economics at Immaculata College. He also lectured on consumer credit at the Bucknell School of Banking, Bucknell University.

Webb served as Japanese interpreter while in the US Army during the occupation of Japan from 1945 to 1946, and taught English in villages. He has been a member of the ECRI Institute Board of Trustees since 1974.

Webb graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wesleyan University in 1949, and earned his Juris Doctor from the Yale University School of Law. He attended Harvard Business School for Senior Bank Management and Stonier Graduate School of Banking, Rutgers University.