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​​​​Sundaram Ramnath is responsible for managing all Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African operations of ECRI Institute based out of Dubai. He has been associated with ECRI Institute in different capacities for over 18 years.

Before joining ECRI Institute, Ramnath was senior vice president for quality and information technology for India's largest teaching hospital group, encompassing nine teaching hospitals, where his responsibilities included implementation of all quality, safety, and healthcare IT programs. He was also the founder and director of one of Asia's largest clinical engineering operations in Malaysia, managing over 80 hospitals in Malaysia and Brunei. He has consulted with many governments in the Asia Pacific region including Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

During his years in the Middle East and Africa, he has successfully consulted on and implemented projects related to clinical engineering, healthcare quality, and healthcare information technology (IT) for most of the leading hospitals and health systems in these regions, including all countries of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) as well as other African and the Central Asian countries. He has also been part of a team that has developed standards for accreditation of biomedical services that has been piloted in Europe and the Middle East.

Ramnath is a qualified engineer and a certified health environment manager (HEM). He has also completed professional certification programs in healthcare management and healthcare IT at Harvard University, and at the Indian Institute of Management.