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Allan Slater, former chief design engineer for the Health Devices Group, worked at ECRI Institute for more than 40 years. He's now retired, but in that time he had the opportunity to work on and design some interesting devices. 

"We developed a series of underwater physiological telemetry systems for monitoring diver temperature, electrocardiogram, and respiratory parameters,” says Slater. “The systems were used in cold water stress studies at the North Pole, and deep water studies at Sealab in the Pacific Ocean.” 

Allan started with ECRI when they were located at 913 Walnut Street and helped with the relocation to Plymouth Meeting. The move was not an easy one, but with hard work and the whole team involved it became a labor of love.

All Hands on Deck

The site was woodland before the building was erected, some of which still remains as part of the scenic campus. “We came upon a snake when first exploring the property," recounted Slater. “To our surprise, Dr. Nobel himself dispatched it without hesitation.”

Most ECRI employees helped in outfitting the new building. “We placed miles of speaker and fire-sensing wires in the overhead. It was hard dirty work because we were working before the cement floors were in place,” he recalled. 

When asked to reflect about ECRI Institute reaching its 40th year (2008), he commented proudly, “Forty years is impressive, but the growth of ECRI Institute in size and diversity is even more impressive!”