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James Keller leads efforts to support the mission, business operations, business development, planning, and overall growth of ECRI Institute's international programs and services. He serves as a member of ECRI Institute’s executive committee.

Prior to taking on his international role, Keller spent nearly 20 years directing ECRI Institute’s Health Devices evaluation program, which provides independent judgment and guidance to help hospitals and health systems select and manage medical devices. On April 23, 2002, the New York Times called the program the “country’s most respected laboratory for testing of medical products."

Keller was also responsible for the Health Devices Alerts notification service for medical product hazards and recalls; Alerts Tracker®, a Web-based tool for managing hazards and recalls of medical products; Biomedical Benchmark™, a resource to help hospitals manage their medical equipment service activities; an annual series of interactive webinars on health technology issues; and the International Medical Device Problem Reporting System. He co-developed Alerts Tracker, which is now used in over 1,000 hospitals worldwide.

Keller is a recognized expert and frequently invited speaker on a wide range of health technology-related topics, including patient safety, equipment management, strategic planning and forecasting, device utilization, asset management, and the convergence of medical devices and information systems. He has delivered keynote addresses at national conferences in Australia, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, and the United States.

Keller is a past president of the board of the American College of Clinical Engineering, a past member of the board of the Healthcare Technology Foundation, and a past member of the board for the Healthcare Technology Certification Commission. In 2016, Keller was named a fellow in the American College of Clinical Engineering.

Keller earned an MS in biological engineering at the University of Connecticut and a BS in zoology at the University of Massachusetts.