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SELECTplus™ Healthcare Technology Advisory Membership Service

An industry-leading advisory service for supply chain and materials management professionals, SELECTplus assists with the safe, cost-effective procurement of capital medical equipment and health information technologies.

Save money on your outsourced services with SELECTplus Purchased Services™
Supply chain is not just about products anymore. From hemodialysis to laundry and landscaping, SELECTplus Purchased Services helps you find the highest quality services at the lowest price. This comprehensive membership program offers personalized support for:

  • Developing specifications and custom requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Benchmarking services, analyzing costs, and selecting proposed vendors
  • Negotiation strategies, mentoring, and guidance

SELECTplus helps you make the best purchasing decisions for your organization with: 

  • Custom analyses—SELECTplus analysts provide on-demand custom reports, considering your facility's individual needs before making recommendations. 
  • On-line databases and benchmarking services—With over 100,000 unique items in our capital equipment pricing database of average prices paid by hospitals and health systems, you can feel confident negotiating with suppliers.
  • Personalized consultations—Backed by 45 years of experience in medical technology management and assessment, our experts are available to give you advice and information on a wide range of health technology issues. 
  • User Experience Network for medical devices—As a SELECTplus member, you can view user satisfaction ratings and exclusive SELECTplus market analytics on popular technologies like CT scanners, physiologic monitors, and ultrasound devices. 

Market analytics tools offer powerful insight for your capital equipment strategy

  • S+ Market Analytics Tool
    Live, on-demand access to member interest graphs and trends, popular models and manufacturers, pricing and discount trends, as well as configuration analyses and line item price benchmarking. 

  • Capital Budget Tool 
    View average prices for items in your budget and build a clean, standardized capital equipment wish list from the comprehensive ECRI Institute product catalog. You can submit your budget to the SELECTplus analysts for review. 
 "Rush-Copley was able to realize well over a million dollars of savings
 in both product prices and service costs. The ROI with the 
  SELECTplus service exceeded even my expectations."

Brenda Van Wyhe
Vice President of Finance
   Rush-Copley Medical Center
Aurora, Il
Learn more about the SELECTplus program's broad suite of services 
For a demonstration or to view sample reports, contact or call (610) 825-6000, ext. 5287. 

Contact us
Call (610) 825-6000, ext. 5891, or e-mail

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