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PriceGuide™ Advisory Membership Service

The complete advisory service for the procurement of medical/surgical supplies and implants

PriceGuide is an industry-leading advisory service for supply chain and materials management professionals to assist in the selection and purchase of consumables and physician preference items (PPI).  

  • Paying too much for medical/surgical supplies and implants?
    Benchmark your existing medical/surgical supply costs with the PriceGuide database high, low and average price--on 1.5 million unique items.
  • Want to get a better handle on what your facility spends?
    PriceGuide's Spend Analysis summarizes your total spend and potential savings by vendor, product category, and item--get group buy-in and share costs across departments.

The chart below depicts a hospital's departments with the greatest total spend.

​Hospital's Total Supply Spend
by Department

Potential Savings:
All Departments​

Total Spend

Potential Savings Low


Potential Savings Average



PriceGuide offers powerful supply chain analytics backed by ECRI Institute's 45 years of solid clinical experience, including leading edge market information on existing and emerging technologies.

  • Need to compare products based on clinical comparability and effectiveness?
    Request a detailed Custom Technology Analysis report on supplies you are proposing. 
  • Negotiating with a supplier?
    Compare your proposed pricing with prices paid by your peers in similar facilities with a PriceGuide Quotation Analysis.
  • "In the year that PriceGuide was implemented, Fletcher Allen achieved cost
    reductions of greater than $1.5 million on medical/surgical supplies and implants."

    --Rachael L. Raynes
    Director of Purchasing, Contracting & Value Analysis
    Fletcher Allen Health Care

    Learn more about PriceGuide's broad suite of services 
    For more information or to become a member, contact Client Management Services, or call +1 (610) 825-6000, ext. 5891. 

Contact Us
Call (610) 825-6000 ext. 5891,
or e-mail 

View PriceGuide Product Brochure

Congratulations to our 2014 Healthcare Supply Chain Achievement Award winners!
Learn more at the Winners Circle

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