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Readiness Assessment for Exchange of Health Information

Health Information Exchange—Competitive Opportunity or Outside Competitive Threat?

Health Information Exchange Readiness Assessment ResourcesWhether it's related to Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Meaningful Use, Accountable Care, Medical Homes, or other initiatives to improve patient care and quality, your organization’s ability to succeedor fend off competitionwill depend on your ability to effectively exchange health information within your organization and with outside groups such as physician offices, payers, or regional exchanges.

CEO Myth: As long as we implement EHRs we can exchange health information with key stakeholders.

The reality is that EHRs may only provide the foundation for allowing the effective exchange of vital health information, not all that is required for the data sharing you expect. The bridge between spending millions on an EHR and getting the return you expect is effective health information exchange readiness.

Are you really ready? s2a
ECRI Institute, an expert in interoperability, and strategic partner s2a, an expert in health information exchange and interoperability, have developed a readiness assessment program to help you ensure that your investments in health IT achieve the returns you expect and that you are ready for healthcare reform.   

Protect your EHR investment
Our independent Readiness Assessment for Exchange of Health Information focuses on vital clinical and business requirements, including:

  • Patient care process interoperability across the continuum of care
  • Clinical diagnostic information exchange (e.g., lab results)
  • Patient demographic and other data (e.g., admissions, discharges, transfers)
  • Semantic interoperability across all providers and stakeholders
  • Interoperability with quality and performance analytic sources
  • Reporting capabilities to registries and public health agencies

Tap independent experts
We believe in developing incremental, sustainable, and scalable approaches to health information exchange tailored to each client’s needs and designed to leverage the exchange of information to succeed under healthcare reform.  

  • Strategic partner s2a brings substantial expertise in the planning, development, and implementation of health system, community-based, and statewide health information exchanges (HIE), and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO). s2a has developed a proven methodology for HIE gained from leading the development of statewide HIT/HIE plans across the country.
  • For 45 years, ECRI Institute has evaluated health devices, health IT systems, and their growing interoperability. ECRI Institute staff serve on the national committees developing interoperability standards and have published on interoperability topics. ECRI Institute’s independence from device manufacturers and software developers provides you with unbiased advice to protect your investments.

How can we help you?
Whether you’d like to find out more about the services described above, or you need tools to help you meet other challenges, our experts can help. For more information, please e-mail, or call (610) 825-6000, ext. 5160.

Our experts are here to help with your value analysis challenges. Call us at (610) 825-6000, ext. 5160, or e-mail


Health Information Exchange Readiness Assessment Resources