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Health Devices Journals

    Health DevicesECRI Institute's monthly Health Devices journal features product test results and ratings, technology purchasing guidance, educational resources, and product safety information to help you buy, manage, and use healthcare technology more effectively. 

    The journal provides independent, objective judgment for selecting, purchasing, managing, and using medical devices, equipment, and systems. 

    Published since 1971, this monthly journal functions as an information clearinghouse for hazards and deficiencies in medical devices. Health Devices encourages the improvement of medical devices through an informed marketplace. 

    NOTE: Starting in January 2014, Health Devices will no longer be available in a printed journal format. The content will be available online through membership in Health Devices System. Past issues will continue to be available for purchase.

                            ​2013 Health Devices Topics Covered​ ($285 each)
    12/13 Health Devices Goes Online-only in January, and more.
    ​11/13Health Devices- November 2013 issue ​Special Edition: The “2014 Top 10 List of Health Technology Hazards" (buy for $100)
    Health Devices- October 2013 issue10/13 ​Ratings for Eight Physiologic Monitoring Systems, and more.
    Health Devices- September 2013 issue9/13 ​Ratings for Six Portable Ultrasound Scanners, and more.
    Health Devices- August 2013 issue8/13 ​Alarm Management as a National Patient Safety Goal, and more.
    ​7/13Health Devices Journal- July 2013 issue ​Integrating Infusion Pumps with Information Systems, and more.
    ​6/13Health Devices Journal- June 2013 issue ​Reviewing the Evidence on Four Cardiac Output Monitoring Systems, and more.
    Health Devices Journal- May 2013 issue5/13 Ratings for Three Wireless Digital Radiography Systems, and more.
    Health Devices Journal- April 13 issue4/13 ​Recognizing and Reporting Health-IT-related Safety Events, and more.
    Health Devices Journal- March 13 issue3/13 ​Comparing Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) Device Features, and more.
    Health Devices Journal- Feb 13 issue2/13 ​​MR-Conditional Physiologic Monitors and Infusion Pumps, and more.
    Health Devices Journal- Dec 2012 issue1/13​ ​Deciding if Robotic Surgery is Right for Your Facility, and more.
    2012 Health Devices Topics Covered​ ($285 each)
    ​12/12Health Devices Journal- Dec 2012 issue ​Evaluation: Large-Volume Infusion Pumps, and more.
    ​11/12Health Devices Journal- November 2012 issue ​Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2013, and more.
    Health Devices Journal- October 2012 Issue10/12 ​Developing Safe Smartphone Policies for Healthcare Facilities, and more.
    ​9/12Health Devices Journal- September 2012 Issue ​Wireless Digital Radiography Systems: A Look at Products from Six Suppliers, and more.
    ​8/12Health Devices Journal- August 2012 Issue Three New Technologies for Optimizing CT Dose, and more.
    ​7/12Health Devices Journal- July 2012 Issue ​Sweet 16: 16-Channel CT Systems Mix Functionality and Affordability, and more.
    ​​Health Devices Journal- June 2012 Issue6/12 ​The Big Picture: A Focus on Medical Video Equipment Needs, and more.
    Health Devices Journal- May 2012 Issue5/12 Interfacing Monitoring Systems with Ventilators: How Well Do They Communicate Alarms?, and more.
    ​4/12Health Devices Journal- April 2012 Issue ​Integrating Medical Devices with Electronic Medical Records, and more.
    Health Devices Journal- March 2012 Issue3/12 ​Cut Costs on Hips and Other Physician Preference Items,
    and more.
    Health Devices Journal- Jan 2012 Issue2/12 ​Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices, and more.
    Health Devices Journal- Jan 2012 Issue1/12​ Safe Patient Handling Programs, and and more.


    2011 Health Devices issues available for purchase ($285 each) 2011 Health Devices Topics Covered ($285 each)
    ​12/11Health Devices Journal- December 2011 Issue

    Breath of Fresh Air: Our Evaluation of 10 Intensive Care Ventilators, and more. 


    ​11/11Health Devices Journal- November 2011 Issue ​Top 10 Technology Hazards for 2012: The Risks That Should Be at the Top of Your Prevention List, and more.

    Health Devices Journal- September 2011 Issue10/11

    ​Physiologic Monitoring: A Guide to Networking Your Monitoring Systems, and more.


    Health Devices Journal- September 2011 Issue9/11

    Vital Signs Monitoring Systems: A Look at Seven Monitors and Their Connectivity Solutions, and more.


    Health Devices Journal- August 2011 Issue8/11

    Up and Running: Choosing the Right Equipment Service Option, and more.



    Health Devices Journal- July 2011 Issue7/11

    Cassette-Size Digital Radiography Detectors: A Better Way to Make the Switch to DR, and more.



    Health Devices Journal- June 2011 Issue6/11

    Future Shock: Proposed NFPA 99 Wet Location Revision Revives a Bad Idea, and more.



    Health Devices Journal- May 2011 Issue
    Enhanced Environmental Disinfection Systems: Can They Help You Reduce Infection Rates, and more.




    Health Devices Journal- April 2011 Issue4/11

    External Manual Defibrillators: Focus on the Physio-Control Lifepak 15, and more.



    March 20113/11 

    Siemens Somatom Definition Flash: The Latest in Dual-Source CT, and more.




    Patient-Controlled Analgesic Infusion Pumps: Making a Painless Purchase, and more.   




    Ferromagnetic Detectors: Which Systems Are the Most Attractive, and more.   


    2010 Health Devices Topics Covered


    In a Heartbeat: Our Review of Two Intrapartum Fetal Monitors, and more.





    Surgical Lights: An Illuminating Look at the LED Marketplace, and more.





    Elastomeric Pain Pumps: Pain Relief for Ambulatory Patients, and more.





    Real-Time Locating Systems: A Focus on Tags and Platform Components, and more.




    Critical Care Beds: Providing Needed Support for ICU Patient, and more.







    Magnetic Resonance Systems: A Look at the Whole Field, and more.




    Health Devices June Cover 6/10

    Angiography Contrast Injector Safety: Visualizing the Marketplace, and more.




    Health Devices May Cover 5/10

    Safety Features on CT Contrast Injectors: Enhancing Patient Protection, and more.




    Health Devices April Cover 4/10

    CT Radiation Dose: Understanding and Controlling the Risks, and more.




     Health Devices March Cover 3/10

    Portable/Transport Ventilators: Breathe Easier, and more.




    February HD Cover2/10

    Surgical Video Systems—Scoping Out Models from Four Manufacturers, and more.


     Health Devices Journal – January 2010 Issue 1/10

    The Paladin Thermostat 900 Blood and Solution Warmer Evaluation, and more.




​2010 Health Devices Guidance Article


CT Radiation Dose: Controlling the Risk. Learn More 


​2009 Health Devices Topics Covered
 Health Devices Journal – December 2009 Issue 12/09 Large-Volume Infusion Pumps Evaluation, and more.


 Health Devices Journal – November 2009 Issue  11/09   External Manual Defibrillators Evaluation, and more.


October 200910/09

Surgical Fire Prevention Guide, and more.


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