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Health Devices Gold

ECRI Institute project engineerA premier patient safety resource for healthcare decision makers, Health Devices (HD) Gold delivers a broad suite of membership resources to select, use, maintain, and manage healthcare technologies. Through the HD Gold package, you will get answers to your healthcare technology management needs.  
Components of HD Gold
  • Health Devices System

    Health Devices System is a comprehensive technology information service that supports healthcare providers at every stage of the technology management cycle, from assessment to product selection, implementation and maintenance, to decommissioning.

    Backed by independent analysis and laboratory testing, Health Devices offers members in-depth equipment evaluations and expert guidance on medical technology management issues, including news, research, and patient safety alerts.

  • Healthcare Product Comparison System (HPCS)
    HPCS, an easily searchable database, delivers comprehensive information and insights you need to understand, compare, and make informed purchasing decisions for medical equipment. With thousands of brand-name model specifications—for more than 475 types of devices—it has all the information you need, in one place. Whether you’re purchasing equipment now or planning for the future, HPCS Online has what you need to set up the evaluation process.

  • Sourcebase Gold
    Hospitals worldwide rely on Sourcebase Gold to locate medical products, contact suppliers, and compare prices. A continuously updated database, Sourcebase includes profiles of more than 15,500 medical companies, more than 76,500 executive contact names, and more than 66,000 trade names. Easily download data files and contact information for creating mailing lists.

“ECRI Institute’s services are an exceptional value for our organization. The Mobile Patient Lifts evaluation in the Health Devices journal helped us save thousands of dollars on our equipment purchase and in staff time.”

Connie Jeffreys, RN
Occupational Health and Wellness
Wilson Medical Center, NC

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