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Alarm Management Safety Reviews

Is alarm fatigue plaguing your hospital? Do leads fail alarms go unheeded? Has your hospital had an alarm event?

Improve alarm safety and meet the Joint Commission's standards.
Having worked extensively with hospitals and health systems across the United States, ECRI Institute can help you improve alarm safety and decrease alarm fatigue. Our recommendations parellel the Joint Commission's standards for alarm safety.

We can identify and address your patient safety vulnerabilities and provide realistic, implementable alarm management strategies to help you make alarm management safer, reduce alarm fatigue, and ultimately improve patient safety.

Our systematic approach leaves no stone unturned.
We consider many factors, including your facility's current culture, practices, technology, patient population and clinical needs, staffing patterns, care models, architectural layout, alarm coverage model (e.g., monitor watch, alarm integration system), communication, alarm escalation schemes, protocols and policies, and education.

Sample case study
Multi-hospital System Alarm Management Project.
A healthcare system had several sentinel events related to missed alarms or delayed alarm response in their telemetry care areas. The health system turned to ECRI Institute for help in preventing the recurrence of similar events. By conducting an alarm management review, our experts were able to identify the underlying causes of these and other patient safety vulnerabilities. ECRI Institute provided realistic strategies to help them address the alarm fatigue, standardize alarm management practices, reduce the number of leads-off alarms and other nuisance alarms, and improve the effectiveness of communication. The healthcare system used ECRI Institute’s recommendations as an Action Plan over the next year to improve alarm management and minimize the potential for adverse events related to alarms.

Download the Alarm Management Safety Review brochure.

Reduce the risk of alarm events for your patients and your facility.
Your first step towards improving your alarm processes and the safety of your patients is an alarm management safety review. To learn more, please contact us at (610) 825-6000, ext. 5655, or

Our experts are here to help you
with your unique alarm
management challenges.
Call (610) 825-6000
, ext. 5655, or email
Senior Associate Rikin Shah addresses alarm fatigue

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