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Patient Safety, Quality and Risk Management

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Patient Safety Accelerator: Implementation Tools

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Guidance for Patient SafetyDrive change, reduce claims, and save time with practical, cost-effective implementation tools

Accelerator's evidence-based resources and patient safety tool kits aid in identifying and resolving system flaws common to healthcare. From cross cutting issues like hand-off communication and culture of safety to critical care, implement change with Guidance for Patient Safety Toolkits. Toolkits include:


Tools to help you build a compelling business case for patient safety including audits, impact, effectiveness, affordability, and feasibility. This roadway is a practical vehicle that may be useful for extrapolating data at your own organization, which can be used for leadership reports or quick visual display of the safety issues at hand.

An evidence library
with a sampling of literature drawn from three key sources: standards and guidelines; ECRI Institute resources, including resources from the Healthcare Risk Control System and other ECRI Institute publications and contract work; and a general literature review. Additionally, examples of strategies that have been successful in other organizations are presented as lessons learned.

vehicles help identify potential patient safety problem areas. ECRI Institute has included proactive system analyses (e.g., failure mode and effects analysis) and post-event analyses (e.g., root cause analysis), workflows, and a one-page road map indicating where potential process errors occur, including suggested mitigation strategies.

vehicles for mitigation strategies either reduce or prevent future patient safety errors. Suggested strategies including practical system solutions that have been recommended by the Joint Commission or have been implemented at a number of hospitals throughout the country, resulting in reduction of errors or improvement of care.

Practical, cost-effective tools to measure and monitor results
or audits. This dashboard represents a selection of key measures for topic-specific areas that may help identify current or future problem areas in the safety process. Additionally, ECRI Institute has provided self-assessment questionnaires as well as a tool for observation.

vehicles to enhance education programs with interactive tutorials, case scenarios, and audio clips that can be used for trainees.