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News Room

In the News

Check out where ECRI Institute has appeared in the news this year:

  • Surgical Checklists: A Systematic Review of Impacts and Implementation, BMJ Quality and Safety, 4/1/2014 (article)
  • Medical Device Integration - Are We There Yet, Dotmed News, 4/2014 (article)
  • Strategy: The First Thing of the Next Big Thing, Healthcare Purchasing News, 4/2014 (article)
  • Major New Effort to Unite on Identifying EHR Safety Issues, Health Data Management, 4/2014 (article)
  • EMR Integration Vendors and You, TechNation, 4/2014 (article)
  • Redesigning Hospital Alarms for Patient Safety: Alarmed and Potentially Dangerous, JAMA, 3/26/2014 (article)
  • Medical Device Recalls Nearly Doubled Since 2003, FDA Says, Modern Healthcare, 3/21/2014 (article)
  • By the Numbers: Biggest 2013 Price Changes on Purchased Items, Modern Healthcare, 3/3/2014
  • ​Health Technology Hazards: ECRI Institute’s Top 10 for 2014, Supply Chain Strategies and Solutions, 3/2014
  • From Google Glass to Robotic Updates, the OR of the Future is Here, DotMed, 3/2014 (article)
  • The Path to Alarm Safety, TechNation, 3/2014 (article)
  • Biggest 2013 Price Changes on Purchased Items, Modern Healthcare, 2/28/2014 (article)
  • Robot Surgery is Here to Stay, The Bulletin, 2/23/2014 (article)
  • Special Report: Portable X-ray Market Keeps Moving, DotMed, 2/12/2014 (article)
  • ECRI Cautions Hospitals About Tech Hype, Health Leaders Media, 2/12/2014 (article)
  • The Dangers of Adult Technology Used for Pediatric Patients, NurseZone, 2/7/2014 (article)
  • No More Never Events, Outpatient Surgery Magazine, 2/2014 (article)
  • Hospital's Simple Interventions Help Reduce Alarm Fatigue, Modern Healthcare, 2/1/2014 (article)
  • Safe Signals, Health Facilities Management, 2/2014 (article)
  • Championing Infusion Pump Integration, AAMI News, 2/2014
  • Honoring Excellence, TechNation, 2/2014 (article)
  • Taming the Clinical Alarm Hazard, 24x7, 1/31/2014 (article)
  • St. Jude Medical Cites Slow First Half for Flat 2013 Sales, Modern Healthcare, 1/22/2014 (article)
  • mHealth Regulations: What's in Store? iHealthBeat, 1/21/2014 (article)
  • Geriatric Emergency Departments at Hospitals Have Implications for Long-term Care,
    Long Term Living, 1/21/2014 (article)
  • Price for Knee Implants Down 8%, ECRI Price Index Shows, Modern Healthcare, 1/17/2014 (article)
  • ONC: Clinicians Must Recognize when EHRs Create Unsafe Conditions, FierceEMR, 1/13/2014 (article)
  • Cybersecurity and the Contracting Executive, The Journal of Healthcare Contracting, 1/13/2014 (article)
  • Few Docs Aware of Implant Devices' Price Tags, Survey Finds; Modern Healthcare, 1/10/2014 (article)
  • Few Surgeons Know the Price of Implantable Devices, Reuters, 1/8/2014 (article)
  • Big Data, Intelligent Pills Top Hospital Leaders' Tech Watch List, FierceHealthIT, 1/7/2014 (article)
  • Growth of Senior-Specific EDs Holds Quality Promise but Raises Cost Issues, Modern Healthcare, 1/4/2014 (article)
  • ECRI Releases Top 10 List of Technology Hazards, Same Day Surgery, 1/2014
  • Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2014, TechNation, 1/2014 (article)
  • Boston Medical Center Reduces Monitor Alarms, The Boston Globe, 12/23/2013 (article)
  • Deadline to Improve Alarm Management is Fast Approaching, Dotmed, 12/23/2013 (article)
  • Price Paid for Surgical Tables up 16%, Modern Healthcare, 12/16/2013 (article)
  • ONC Creates Safety Guide for Providers Using HIT, Modern Healthcare, 12/6/2013 (article)
  • A Guide: How to Identify and Address Unsafe Conditions Associated with Health IT, Health IT Buzz, 12/5/2013 (article)
  • New ONC Guidance on Safe Use of EHRs, Health Data Management, 12/5/2013 (article)
  • What are the Top 10 Technology Hazards in 2014? Healthcare!x, 12/3/2013 (article)
  • Expanding Challenges: Facilities Professionals are Key to Moving Care into Communities, Health Facilities Management, 12/2013 (article)
  • Is Robotic Surgery Right for You? AARP The Magazine, 12/2013 (article)
  • Targeting Alarm Safety, TechNation, 12/2013 (article)
  • Driving the Culture of Safety, Healthcare Risk Management Review, 11/28/2013 (article)
  • Average Price Paid for Electrosurgical Units up 8.5%, According to TPI, Modern Healthcare, 11/27/13 (article)
  • ECRI Highlights Tech Hazards: Alarm Issues, The Gray Sheet, 11/11/2013
  • ECRI Institute Releases 2014 List of Top 10 Health Technology Hazards, HealthTech Zone, 11/6/2013 (article)
  • Alarm Fatigue Tops Health Technology Hazards List, FierceHealthIT, 11/6/2013 (article)
  • ECRI Announces Top 10 Healthcare Technology Hazards, Health Leaders Media, 11/5/2013 (article)
  • Alarm Fatigue Tops ECRI's List of Top 10 Health Technology Hazards, iHealthBeat, 11/5/2013 (article)
  • Top Ten Health Care Hazards for Providers, DotMed, 11/5/2013 (article)
  • Watching Out for the Youngest Patients, Modern Healthcare, 11/2/2013 (article)
  • Medical Equipment and BIM, Health Facilities Management, 11/2013 (article)
  • New Pitfalls in Patient Safety, Trustee, 11/2013 (article)
  • Calling all Clinical Engineers: It’s Time to Communicate, TechNation, 11/2013 (article)