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Patient Safety Center

Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System

ECRI Institute, under contract with the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of the statewide Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System (PA-PSRS). This Web-based system is the first state reporting system in the United States to require healthcare facilities to report “near-misses” as well as actual events.

The Authority requires more than 480 Pennsylvania-licensed hospitals, birthing centers, ambulatory surgical facilities, and selected abortion facilities to report adverse events and near misses using PA-PSRS.

For additional information about the Patient Safety Authority, or the PA-PSRS program, visit

Public Access to Patient Safety Advisories
Based on reports received under this mandatory reporting law, the PA-PSRS program publishes a quarterly Patient Safety Advisory.

2006 Annual Report
Read a press release on the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority's 2006 annual report, which includes a link to the executive summary.

Pennsylvania Patients Ask Doctors Tough Questions
Research conducted in Pennsylvania by the PA Patient Safety Authority shows patients are increasingly willing to ask certain questions of their doctor. ECRI Institute’s Dr. Clarke, clinical director of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority says, “patients have to be prepared to escalate their expression of concerns.” (Wall Street Journal, 3/4/09)