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As a risk management consultant, Ken Felton would assess healthcare risk management departments and recommend strategies to improve department practice, patient outcomes and strengthen relations between other departments. Ken, who has been using ECRI Institute resources since 1992, would often recommend that hospital risk managers purchase ECRI's Healthcare Risk Control System.

During a consulting engagement to assess a hospital risk management department about five years ago, Ken requested a comprehensive list of information and policies from the client to begin the assessment process. The client responded by sending limited information. He went to the head of the risk management department and informed him that without the requested information he could not adequately complete the department assessment. The risk manager responded that he had decided not to continue with the assessment, but just needed risk management resources and event reporting software. Ken told him, "You need ECRI Institute," and recommended an event reporting software system for consideration. The risk manager responded, "Thanks, that's all I needed." Ken laughed and told ECRI, "It was the easiest consulting job I've ever had."