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Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS), Utica, New York, is a not-for-profit healthcare system with two campuses for inpatient and outpatient care, recognized for its distinguished Centers of Excellence, including The Stroke Center, The Regional Cancer and Rehabilitation Centers, and The Bariatric Surgery Center.

Like manual systems elsewhere, Mohawk Valley's alerts management process posed the potential for serious problems. Reviewing, distributing, responding to, and monitoring activities related to safety alerts was labor intensive and time-consuming—and often overwhelming.

Alerts might not have gotten to the appropriate hospital staff quickly enough and it was difficult to determine who was accountable for reviewing and responding to alerts.


MVHS automated its process with ECRI Institute’s Alerts Tracker™, a web-based hazards and recall management system that electronically distributes time-critical, high-quality health safety alerts directly to the appropriate hospital staff. The system ties departments together, allowing them to easily document actions taken and share critical information.


Alerts Tracker helped MVHS put in place a more standardized and less time-intensive process in place that improves safety and helps free up critical staff time. The system's manual process once required hours of sifting through dozens of alerts to find those that were pertinent.

With Alerts Tracker, the same process now takes just minutes. Alerts go to relevant clinical areas, so users can address them the day they are received. Hospital alerts coordinators are seeing much better compliance from departments responding to alerts—they can easily pull up reports to see who has responded to an alert and who has not.


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