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​The Challenge

A large, multi-facility health system wanted to know how specific details of falls events in their organization compared to falls events in other acute care facilities. They wanted to see whether the factors contributing to the falls and interventions to reduce the number of falls were similar to other hospitals in the patient safety organization (PSO). From this analysis, they would then identify opportunities to evaluate their falls reduction program.

The Solution

Using ECRI Institute PSO’s event reporting system, the health system submitted details on their falls events such as:

  • Was the fall observed?
  • Prior to the fall, what was the patient doing or trying to do?
  • At the time of the fall, was the patient on medication known to increase the risk?
  • What protocols were in place to prevent falls?

ECRI Institute PSO provided reports to show how the falls and protocols to reduce falls at the health system compared to similar data for the 24,000 falls in the ECRI Institute PSO national database. ECRI Institute PSO analysts met with representatives of the health system to review the comparative data and highlight areas of differences and opportunities to look deeper into their falls data and falls reduction strategies.

The Result

The health system shared the results of this review across all facilities as an example to leaders of the importance of collecting falls adverse events, sharing the data with the PSO, and learning from the comparative data. The health system also planned to do further analysis of a particular age group in which falls as a percentage of the system's total falls were higher compared with the ECRI Institute PSO national database. The comparative PSO data helped the health system target an area of focus for the organization.


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