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The Modern Healthcare/ECRI Institute Technology Price Index provides a snapshot of the prices hospitals and other provider organizations are paying for supply and capital items based on price points submitted to ECRI Institute by members of its PriceGuide™ and SELECTplus® supply and capital procurement advisory services. 


Insights on Modern Healthcare/ECRI Institute Technology Price Index (July 2015)
  • The average cost of Anesthesia Systems (currently $43,709) is 19% lower than the average cost at this time last year because of relatively more recent member interest in lower acuity models. Lower acuity models perform all the basic functions of anesthesia systems but don’t have advanced features; they are more likely to be used for outpatient surgeries whereas higher acuity models are typically called for in critical care.

  • The average cost of Electric Beds (currently $14,403) is 29% higher than the average cost at this time last year because the mattress is more often being factored into the price of the bed.


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  • ​ECRI Institute has provided Banner Health with the resources and tools that enable us to leverage the healthcare marketplace data in terms of equipment costs, supply expense, and technology assessment.

    Doug Bowen, Vice President, Supply Chain Service, Banner Health

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The pricing data included in the Modern Healthcare/ECRI Institute Technology Price Index does not represent all industry data across devices, rather it only represents the data and price points for specific devices submitted to ECRI Institute by its SELECTplus® and PriceGuide™ member hospitals. Any report or data provided should not be construed, interpreted or relied upon as a "complete" representation or aggregation of all industry data for a specific technology. In addition, the pricing data/analysis is an average, based upon one or more data configurations conducted on the ECRI Institute member data and price points. The monthly average prices are calculated using a three month rolling average. These averages are subject to change based upon the date of the report, and the data configurations.