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University of Kentucky HealthCare in Lexington is an academic medical center with a history of delivering high-quality patient care with up-to-date technology. One of their 11 facilities urgently needed to upgrade all of their physiologic monitoring systems in the emergency department. The center wanted to be certain the vendor’s "30% off" price quote was a good value for their high-tech systems. Confronted with strict time constraints, the facility wanted quick verification that they were indeed getting the best price possible.


As an active SELECTplus™ member, the medical center reached out to ECRI Institute for help with its time-critical issue. Within minutes, SELECTplus researchers pulled data and analyzed the pertinent information, providing the facts required to request and obtain additional savings, for a total discount of 40% off of list price for new patient monitoring systems.

Bryon Gabbard, director of capital planning and forecasting, stated,“ECRI Institute's customer service and prompt response is indispensable. Their reports give us the assurance and information we require to make critical, time-sensitive decisions.The data helped us negotiate a long-term deal that will save over a million dollars toward our replacement hospital project."


ECRI Institute’s swift turnaround and excellent customer service enabled Univerity of Kentucky HealthCare to make a timely decision at the point of impact while realizing a cost savings of $76,814 on their recent patient monitoring systems purchase.


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