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The Challenge

A 150-bed hospital asked ECRI Institute to review and evaluate their costly third-party equipment service contract to determine if the hospital would be better off with an in-house equipment maintenance program or a different multi-vendor service program.

The Solution

After an in-depth review with senior administrators and clinical leaders, ECRI Institute's team discovered several areas where the current contract fell short of best practices, and contained hidden and unnecessary costs. The hospital elected not to renew the contract with its current vendor, and selected another provider after ECRI Institute created a well-defined request for proposal (RFP) that identified the hospital's strategic goals in equipment service, delineated performance requirements, and established cost savings targets.

With its new multi-vendor service (MVS) provider, the hospital now feels it has a "partner" for its equipment maintenance goals as they continually try to improve patient care, reduce risk, comply with regulations, and reduce costs. 

The Result

In a review one year later, ECRI Institute confirmed that the new MVS provider had met the performance requirements. Consultants also found that communication amongst administrators, physicians, nurses, and other equipment end users had improved, resulting in better identification of risk and planning needs. With better dashboard reporting from the MVS provider, staff confirmed that the performance of the equipment had improved.


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