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When North Carolina's Wilson Medical Center staff members embarked on a search for a preferred vendor for mobile patient lifts, they left no stone unturned. A dedicated, multi-functional safe patient handling equipment team employed several tactics to facilitate the decision-making process:

  • Surveying appropriate clinical staff members
  • Conducting a vendor fair
  • Viewing manufacturers’ presentations and demos
  • Using ECRI Institute’s Health Devices evaluation on mobile patient lifts


ECRI Institute’s evaluation of mobile patient lifts eliminated the need for Wilson Medical to bring equipment on site for a lengthy side-by-side evaluation, resulting in less disruption to the hospital’s workflow and critical staff schedules.

The report from ECRI Institute provided objective, evidence-based research on seven mobile floor lifts, rating each on performance and safety. The report included comparative pricing and product recommendations, and pointed Wilson Medical to a lower-cost, better-performing lift than the one originally considered.


Working with ECRI Institute's Health Devices Group, the Wilson Medical team members accelerated their process dramatically, reaching a decision on its preferred vendor a year earlier than expected. This saved thousands of dollars in staff time and thousands of dollars on the cost of the equipment. As a result, Wilson Medical Center plans to purchase five new mobile patient lifts.


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