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Hospitals in the Greater Philadelphia area have benefited from Partnership for Patient Care (PPC) since January, 2006. The PPC is a collaborative among the Health Care Improvement Foundation (HCIF), the hospitals in southeast Pennsylvania, Independence Blue Cross, and ECRI Institute to accelerate the effective adoption of evidence-based clinical practices by pooling the resources, knowledge, and efforts of hospitals and other key stakeholders.

The PPC promotes best practices and evidence-based medicine to improve the safety and quality of healthcare at the region's hospitals. Using a regional, strategic, and cohesive approach, the PPC provides education, tools, technical assistance, resources, and an interactive forum to facilitate hospitals' efforts to more rapidly implement best practices. Each year, the PPC initiatives target several high-risk processes, which are selected based on their broad application across regional healthcare facilities, regional advisory group input, and synergy with national patient safety/quality initiatives.

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