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Medical Technology in Healthcare Design and Construction Resource Site

Guidance and tools to help with your design and construction project

The key to successful design and planning of healthcare construction projects of all sizes involves the incorporation of appropriate medical technology with careful consideration of the following factors:

  • The organization’s strategic vision
  • Medical technology trends and leading-edge technologies
  • Clinical needs and operational requirements
  • Patient and staff safety

These essential factors must be balanced with cost-effective and timely equipment decisions to ensure adherence to project budgets and construction milestones. The ultimate goal is to optimize the future delivery of healthcare and provide the highest standard of care at the lowest possible cost.

ECRI Institute has partnered with healthcare organizations worldwide to effectively plan the most appropriate medical technology for healthcare facilities of the future.

If you would like customized support from our experienced consultants, visit our Medical Equipment Planning page. For inquiries, please e-mail or call (610) 825-6000, ext. 5460 or ext. 5596.

Please explore the guidance articles below written by or showcasing ECRI Institute’s experts to help with your design and construction projects.

Technology guidance:

  • Medical Equipment and BIM, Health Facilities Management, 11/2013 (download)*
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Planning Considerations for Medical Simulation Centers, Health Facilities Management, 11/2012 (download)*
  • Shopping Smart: Managing Medical Equipment Replacements when Capital Findings Returns, Health Facilities Management, 6/2012 (download)*
  • Calling all Nurses: Selecting the Right Communication, Health Facilities Management, 3/2011 (download)*
  • A Question of Value, Trustee Magazine, 3/2011 (download)*
  • The OR of the Future, Surgical Products Magazine, 3/2011 (download)+
  • Join the Team: Integrating Medical Equipment Planning into the Construction Process, Health Facilities Management, 5/2011 (download)*
  • The Imaging Question: Are Advances in MRI Technology and CT Scanners Worth the Investment?, Trustee, 6/2011 (download) *
  • The Future of Healthcare: Medical Devices, Modern Healthcare, 7/25/2011 (article)*
  • Now + Forever. Designing Space for the High-Tech Patient Room, Health Facilities Management, 8/2011 (article)*
  • Real-time Locating Systems: Measuring the Benefits, Materials Management in Healthcare, 6/2010 (download)*
  • Top-Hazards Research Provides Guide for EC Professionals, Environments of Care, 12/2010 (article)*
  • The Do’s and Don'ts of OR Integration, Outpatient Surgery Magazine, 9/2009(download)*
  • Drawing a Blueprint to Break Barriers, Healthcare Purchasing News, 9/2011 (article)+
  • Embedding Supply Chain in the Equipment Planning Process, Healthcare Purchasing News, 9/2011 (article)*
  • The Rise of the Automated Operating Room, Medical Construction and Design, 1/2007 (download)*

Patient safety considerations:

  • One Size Does Not Fit All, The Source, 5/2011 (article)*
  • On Alert! Maximizing Performance of Hospital Clinical Alarms, Health Facilities Management, 11/2011 (download)*
  • Medical Radiation Safety with Angiography and Interventional Radiology, ADVANCE for Imaging & Radiation Oncology, 7/2011 (article)*
  • Safety First: Protect Important Resources by Planning For Safe Patient Handling, Medical Construction And Design, 8/2011 (download)*
  • Basic Concerns in Bariatric Design, Healthcare Design, 3/2007 (article)*
ECRI Institute white papers:

  • The Future of Healthcare Design: Navigating the Challenges of Advancing Technology in Patient Care Settings (download)
  • CT Scanning Systems: What Performance Level Makes Sense for your Facility? Are you Imaging Safely? (download)
  • A $1 MILLION Change Order and a 6-Week Delay (download)
  • ECRI Institute’s Top 10 C-Suite Watch List: Hospital Technology Issues For 2012 (download)
  • 2012 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards Lists from Health Devices (download)

*ECRI Institute bylined article
+ECRI Institute quoted/referenced

Are you in need of leading healthcare design assistance?
Take your first step towards improving your healthcare design project. Download our brochure, view our past projects, or to learn more about our Medical Equipment Planning services, contact us at (610) 825-6000, x5460 or x5596, or e-mail

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