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Rush-Copley Medical CenterRush-Copley Medical Center, in Aurora, Illinois, provides a broad range of services with specialties in orthopedics, oncology, advanced diagnostics, and minimally invasive vascular procedures. When Rush-Copley needed to replace its video imaging system, a $900,000 capital acquisition, they did not take the decision lightly. Considering today’s economic landscape, Rush-Copley Medical Center wanted to ensure:

  • They were selecting a good make and model
  • They were paying a fair price
  • The technology was safe and had no hazards or recalls
  • The technology was effective and had a good track record
  • The configuration the vendor quoted would meet their specific needs


The need to scrutinize every dollar spent on capital expenditures today is mandatory. Rush-Copley Medical Center turned to ECRI Institute’s SELECTplus® Capital Advisory Service to help them choose the right technology and assess their proposal. They learned through ECRI Institute that they were being quoted well above the average and that they had room to negotiate an additional $97,740 on the video imaging system. ECRI Institute backed their analysis with actual prices paid for the same device by other hospitals in the country.


Rush-Copley was confident they chose the right technology and easily achieved the savings that ECRI Institute identified—as well as over a million dollars in savings in other capital acquisitions.


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