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Health IT Resource Center

Guidance and tools to help healthcare facilities improve health IT
With the increasing levels of data exchange and medical device connectivity, hospitals face new and daunting problems such as system incompatibilities and lost data. These problems can adversely affect patient care and lead to misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, and much more.
As noted in a CNN news article, Electronic Health Records No Cure-all, "It is reasonable to assume that electronic health records will ultimately help the cause,” stated ECRI Institute president and CEO Jeffrey Lerner, “but new technology has a learning curve. Improving quality will remain a challenge.”
This free educational site is intended to provide you with quick access to a range of publications and tools that ECRI Institute has addressed on health information technology (IT) including general guidance, as well as more in-depth research on medical device connectivity and electronic health records. 
If you have questions for our technical experts or risk and patient safety analysts, or would like customized support, please contact us at or call (610) 825-6000, ext. 5655.

General guidance and strategies

  1. 10 Questions about IEC 80001-1: What You Need to Know about the Upcoming Standard and Networked Medical Devices, Health Devices, 5/2010 (article)
  2. Avoid Risk with Health Information Technology, Health Devices webinar, 3/16/2011 (webinar recording available for purchase)
  3. CE/IT Collaboration: Putting the Pieces Together, Health Devices, 5/2009 (article)
  4. Crossing the Connectivity Chasm: Pinpointing Gaps in Readiness to Exchange Health Information, ECRI Institute, 10/1/2012 (white paper)
  5. ECRI Institute 2013 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards, ECRI Institute, 11/2012 (white paper)
  6. ECRI Institute Salutes Healthcare Risk Management Week with Free Report, ECRI Institute, 6/2013 (video l blog)
  7. Health IT Hazard Manager Beta-Test, The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 2011 (report*)
  8. Health IT and Patient Safety, (policy*)
  9. Health IT Risk Prevention Guidance, ECRI Institute, 4/30/2013 (video)
  10. Medical Device Interoperability: A Safer Path Forward, AAMI, 2012 (article*)
  11. An Oversight Framework for Assuring Patient Safety in Health Information, Bipartisan Policy Center, 2/13/2013 (workshop materials*)
  12. Patient Safety and Health Information Technology, The Institutes of Medicine, 11/8/2011 (consensus study*)
  13. Patient Safety and Health IT in the Era of Healthcare Reform, HIMSS, 10/4/2012 (video*)
  14. Risk Managers’ 10 Strategies for Health IT Success, Risk Management Reporter, 6/2013 (article)
  15. Takeaways from the Interoperability Summit, ECRI Institute's Patient Safety Blog, 10/11/2012 (blog)
  16. Lessons Learned from Health IT Error Reporting, TechNation, 9/2013 (article based on ECRI Institute guidance)
  17. ECRI on Health IT Hazard Trail, Healthcare IT News, 10/28/2013 (article*)
  18. ECRI Institute Unveils Health IT Hazard Reporting System, FierceHealthIT, 10/29/2013 (article*)
  19. ECRI PSO Releases Health IT Hazard Reporting System, 24x7, 10/30/2013 (article*)
  20. A Guide: How to Identify and Address Unsafe Conditions Associated with Health IT, Health IT Buzz, 12/5/2013 (article*)

Electronic health records (EHR)

  1. EHRs at the Crossroads: The HITECH Act Meets HIPAA, Risk Management Reporter, 8/2009 (article)
  2. EHRs: Rates of Possible Duplicate Records; Prevention and Mitigation, Healthcare Risk Control Alert, 3/6/2013 (alert)
  3. Electronic Health Records: Emerging Risks, HRSA, 12/2013 (webinar*)
  4. Major New Effort to Unite on Identifying EHR Safety Issues, Health Data Management, 4/2014 (article)
  5. New ONC Guidance on Safe Use of EHRs, Health Data Management, 12/5/2013 (article*)
  6. Potential Hazards of Clock Synchronization Errors, Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory, 12/2012 (Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisories)
  7. The Role of the Electronic Health Record in Patient Safety Events, Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory, 12/2012 (Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisories)
  8. Spotlight on Electronic Health Record Errors: Paper or Electronic Hybrid Workflows, Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory, 6/2013 (Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisories)
  9. WARNING: Health IT May Be Hazardous to Your Healthcare, Journal of AHIMA, 4/2014 (article*)
Medical device interoperability
  1. Avoiding the Pitfalls of Medical Device Connectivity, Health Devices webinar, 10/12/2011 (webinar recording available for purchase
  2. Interfacing Monitoring Systems with Ventilators: How Well Do They Communicate Alarms?, Health Devices, 5/2012 (article
  3. Making Connections: Integrating Medical Devices with Electronic Medical Records, Health Devices, 4/2012 (article)
  4. Medical Device and IT Integration: Managing the Challenges of Convergence, Health Devices webinar, 9/16/2009 (webinar recording available for purchase)
  5. The Path to Interoperability: Turning Awareness into Action, Modern Healthcare, 2/25/2012 (ECRI Institute co-produced white paper*)
  6. Why HIT Interoperability with Community Providers Needs to be a Top Priority for Healthcare Transformation, NJ/DV HIMSS Regional Meeting, 10/17/2012 (webinar*)
  1. Anti-Malware Software and Medical Devices: A Crash Course in Protecting Your Devices from Cyber Attacks, Health Devices Journal, 10/2010 (article)

Smart phone

  1. Getting the Message: Results of Our Survey on Cell Phone/Smartphone Policies, Health Devices Journal, 4/1/2013 (article)
  2. Judgment Call: Smartphone Use in Hospitals Requires Smart Policies, Health Devices Journal, 10/2012 (article)


  1. ECRI Institute PSO Deep Dive™: Health Information Technology Report and Toolkit (available through membership in PSO, log-in l available for purchase l free table of contents l free eNewsletter)
  2. Health Devices 2013 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards Assessment Tool (available through membership in Health Devices, log-in)

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