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CT Radiation Dose Safety Resources

Research, Guidance and News from ECRI Institute

Failure to implement measures for delivering appropriate radiation dose can result in unnecessarily high exposures, placing patients at increased risk of cancer and other conditions.

ECRI Institute has helped many hospitals and healthcare systems address this critical patient safety issue with expert guidance, including conducting on-site CT radiation dose safety reviews. See below for other resources.  

Radiation risks of diagnostic imaging—sentinel event alert

The Joint Commission’s new Sentinel Event Alert urges caution on radiation risks of diagnostic imaging. The Alert’s content is based in part on input from ECRI Institute and its 2010 Health Devices article on CT Radiation Dose.  Read excerpt

Guidance articles and evaluations
These in-depth studies are conducted by ECRI Institute's multidisciplinary team of scientists, biomedical engineers and physicists, and include ratings of CT systems in which radiation is a major component.

Pediatric imaging issues
Is the imaging community doing enough to protect children from the cumulative effects of radiation received during CT exams? An issue of Health Technology Trends delves into the issue of pediatric imaging. 

Regional collaborative on CT radiation safety
Philadelphia-area hospitals and imaging centers collaborate to reduce risks from CT radiation. Learn more

High priority product safety alerts
Our Health Devices web-based service sends weekly alerts and helps healthcare organizations respond to recalls, hazards, and reported problems with medical technology. The following alerts relate specifically to radiation dose safety:

  • HDAlert H0090: FDA warns of potential for overexposure from CT scanners 
  • HDAlert A13286: GE aware of radiation overexposure from CT scanners—making recommendations
  • HDAlert A13305 CT XORAN MiniCAT systems may overheat, potentially causing poor image quality, interruption in image acquisition and or system damage

ECRI Institute patient safety blog posts 

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Free web conference recordings

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FDA resources 
11/09/2010:  Safety Investigation of CT Brain Perfusion Scans: Update --
Investigation findings and notice to manufacturers
12/07/2009:  Safety Investigation of CT Brain Perfusion Scans: Update
10/08/2009:  Safety Investigation of CT Brain Perfusion Scans: Initial Notification

Watch Video

ECRI Institute's Rohit Inamdar discusses safe CT service. 
Click to view a 1-minute preview.

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CT radiation in the news

The Philadelphia Inquirer
More hospitals are being careful about CT scans (6/15/2011)

The New York Times
After stroke scans, patients face serious health risks (7/31/2010)

Congressional hearing: More oversight needed for medical radiation procedures (03/01/2010)

Los Angeles Times
Cedars-Sinai investigated for significant radiation overdoses of 206 patients (10/9/2009)

2011 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards

Radiation overdose is #1 on our "2011 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards," a roadmap for prioritizing technology-related patient safety activities. Click to view a 1-minute preview.