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Alarm Safety Resource Site

Guidance and tools to help healthcare facilities improve alarm safety 

This free educational site is intended to help you understand the issues and take steps to improve alarm safety in your facility. It includes links to guidance articles published by ECRI Institute through our various membership groups, articles from the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, blog posts, and news.

ECRI Institute has decades of experience in analyzing hazards from medical devices. Most of the reports involving alarm problems are with physiologic monitors (including telemetry) and ventilators. (Watch our short video to learn how we can help you improve alarm safety in your organization.)

If you would like customized support, ECRI Institute offers an Alarm Management Safety Review with on-site assistance by experienced healthcare consultants. For inquiries, please contact us at (610) 825-6000, ext. 5655, or

2014 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards
ECRI Institute experts have identified clinical alarm hazards as the top potential danger area that looms large in hospitals and health systems today, as identified in our 2014 Top 10 Health Technology Hazards list.

Download the free report here.

Health Devices webinars

Joint Commission resources

ECRI Institute alarms-related guidance articles, policies, webinars, posters, and presentations 

    Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority alarms resources
    Under contract with the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority, ECRI Institute facilitates the statewide Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System. The following articles were published in the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory.

Alarm-related blog posts by ECRI Institute staff

In the News: ECRI Institute comments on alarm safety

ECRI Institute's Health Devices material on alarm management (membership required)

  • Alarm management as a patient safety goal: initial considerations, useful resources [guidance article]. Health Devices 2013 Aug;42(8):242-7.
  • The life cycle of an alarm: A conceptual model for understanding clinical alarm hazards [guidance article]. Health Devices 2013 Sep;42(9):294-300.
  • The path to alarm safety: a plan for reducing alarm hazards [guidance article]. Health Devices 2013 Dec;42(12): 408-12.

ECRI Institute's Healthcare Risk Control material on alarm management (membership required)

  • Alarm Enhancement Technologies
  • Alarm Notification Models
  • Clinical Alarm System Observation Form

  • ECRI Institute's Criteria for Clinical Alarms
  • Alarm Management as a Patient Safety Goal
  • The Life Cycle of an Alarm: A Conceptual Model for Understanding Clinical Alarm Hazards

Reduce the risk of alarm events for your patients and your facility.
Take your first step towards improving your alarm processes and the safety of your patients. To learn more, download the Alarm Management brochure. To schedule an Alarm Management Safety Review in your facility, contact us at (610) 825-6000, ext. 5655, or e-mail