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Education and Events

Cost vs. Reality – What CT Scanner Should I Choose?

An ECRI Institute Web Conference


Wed., October 17, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. ET
90 minutes
Jason Launders, Sr. Project Officer/Medical Physicist, ECRI Institute
Robert Maliff, MBA, Director, Applied Solutions Group, ECRI Institute
James P. Keller, Jr, MS, Vice President, Health Technology Evaluation and Safety, ECRI Institute
High-end computed tomography (CT) scanners are capable of producing stunning 4-D images of almost any anatomy. Many hospitals feel pressured to quickly adopt the latest technology, but the expense sometimes outweighs the benefit. More often than not, costly features go underused.

The pressure to adopt the latest technology versus what is sufficient to meet clinical needs makes the buying process complicated and filled with many questions: Does my facility need the high-end model or will a more basic model suffice? Will my facility use all of the features offered? 

maintenance options are best for my facility? What purchasing or maintenance contract language should be avoided?

With approximately 14,000 CT scanners* in use in the country, many facilities have asked the same questions. So, how do you choose the best system to meet your clinical and budgetary needs?

In this 90-minute web conference, Cost vs. Reality – What CT Scanner Should I Choose?, presenters from ECRI Institute reviewed the CT technology presently available and discuss the factors that you should be considering when selecting a new CT scanner.
Attendees gained an understanding of what type of facility needs a high-end CT scanner and the types for which a lower-cost option is acceptable; how to gauge if a CT scanner upgrade is necessary; and got an idea of which contracting option is best for their facility.
What you will learn: Who should attend?
  • What to expect from different CT technologies
  • Criteria for safely selecting the appropriate CT scanner technology
  • Where to start with an RFP
  • How to select the best maintenance (and purchasing) options for CT scanners
  • Biomedical and clinical engineers
  • Radiology and imaging managers
  • Materials management staff
  • Nurses and clinical staff
  • Risk managers
  • Medical directors
BONUS! Everyone who attends this program will receive a copy of the Health Devices evaluation, Sweet 16: 16-Channel CT Systems Mix Functionality and Affordability and the Infographic, CT Scanning Systems: What Performance Level Makes Sense?
**Members of ECRI Institute's Health Devices SystemTM, Health Devices GoldTM, and SELECTPlusTM are free to attend, but advance registration is required using a link on the members site.
Purchase web conference recording
On-demand web conference (download only) includes biographies and presentation slides: $249 list price (Free for ECRI Institute qualifying members**)