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Universal Medical Device Nomenclature System™ (UMDNS) is a standard, free of charge, monthly updated, international nomenclature and computer coding system to help you better manage medical devices. UMDNS is the worldwide nomenclature that has been officially adopted by many nations.

UMDNS facilitates identifying, processing, filing, storing, retrieving, transferring, and communicating data about medical devices. The nomenclature is used in applications ranging from hospital inventory and work-order controls to national agency medical device regulatory systems and from e-commerce and procurement to medical device databases.

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Copyright Notice

UMDNS is owned and copyrighted by ECRI Institute. UMDNS codes and terms may not be disseminated, reproduced, or in any way made available to any third party or be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of ECRI Institute.

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Please contact us at for more information on UMDNS, or complete the UMDNS license agreement. You will be given a user ID and password to access the UMDNS membership service on the ECRI Institute website.

 What you get as a member

​UMDNS contains 10,056 unique medical device concepts and definitions (preferred terms), along with an additional 23,004 entry terms to facilitate classifying of biomedical information.

UMDNS includes:

  • All current UMDNS preferred terms and their corresponding unique five-digit Universal Medical Device Code (UMDC)
  • All preferred terms modified or retired since the last release of UMDNS
  • All existing Concept definitions (Glossary)
  • All UMDNS Concept Relationships and entry terms (cross-references)
  • The Spanish translation of UMDNS