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​Simplify your decision-making process and reach consensus faster with TruVu®, our breakthrough decision support platform. TruVu accelerates and improves complex decision making—especially for the purchase of high-cost capital technologies and medical-surgical supplies—by engaging all stakeholders in an unbiased, transparent value-based process. TruVu enables you to:

  • Weigh all criteria in one simple, shared application that shows data specifications, financial considerations, physician preferences, and product recalls or safety issues related to a technology under consideration
  • Strengthen your negotiating position with manufacturers and vendors
  • Compare accurate, up-to-date price benchmarks and functional equivalency on capital equipment and health information technology
  • Bring the best, safest, and most cost-effective solution into focus

What One Member Says about TruVu

  • TruVu allows us to predict the total cost of ownership of equipment, including installation, service, staffing, cybersecurity, and upgrades.

    Charlie Miceli, CPM, Vice President and Network Chief Supply Chain Officer, The University of Vermont Health Network

See TruVu in Action

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 Decision making like you've never seen it before

TruVu brings the right decision into focus with interactive functionality that outshines any decision support tool on the market, including:

  • Functional Equivalency
    Perform a risk-benefit analysis and analyze key performance indicators (KPI) related to capital and consumables you are considering. See how products are functionally alike, with biases and price considerations removed.
  • Interactive Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
    Automatically estimates the cost of a technology over its entire lifespan, including purchase price, warranty period, service costs, and other factors.
  • Mask the Model
    Neutralize preference in your value analysis process. TruVu lets you blind the names of products you are comparing, so your team can make a truly transparent, objective decision, void of vendor or manufacturer bias.
  • Document Your Decision
    Transparency and accountability are at the heart of TruVu. The tool helps you validate a complex decision or product selection by automatically generating a downloadable, summary report (pdf) that shows, “this is the decision we made, and why.”