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logoSelect high quality purchased services at the best price with SERVICEguide, our complete advisory program that takes the complexity out of managing and maintaining activities you outsource.

See Your Greatest Savings Opportunities

Gain insight into your purchased services spend with an interactive opportunity assessment dashboard that reveals your greatest areas of potential savings, displaying your top ten highest spend categories and vendors. View regional and national benchmarks on existing and proposed vendor pricing.  

Get Personalized Help with RFPs

Our experienced subject matter experts do the legwork for you by interviewing your key stakeholders, researching local vendors, developing custom RFPs and analyzing vendor responses, and presenting recommendations to your stakeholders.

With unlimited training and personalized support, we're with you every step of the way to help you choose the high quality services your organization deserves. 

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SERVICEguide offers an end-to-end program to help you maximize savings on the highest quality purchased services for your organization.

  • Savings Opportunity AssessmentTo help you quickly identify your greatest opportunities for saving, SERVICEguide features powerful spend analytics and an interactive online dashboard that reveals:
    • Your top ten categories of highest spend
    • Your top ten vendors
    • National and regional comparative benchmarks
  • Custom RFPs and Contract AnalysesSERVICEguide subject matter experts prepare unlimited customized RFPs and analyses of vendor contracts, which include item-by-item comparisons based on common unit of measure, contract terms, and service level. Potential savings and points to negotiate are highlighted, with specific recommendations for vendor selections.
  • Unlimited training and personalized supportOur experts are available by phone, e-mail, or onsite, to help you manage every aspect of your purchased services selection process.