Evidence Reports

Public View

Whether a technology or service is brand new or widely diffused, we provide the context that helps you fully understand how it's implemented and used so you know what to bring in—or keep out of—your facility.

A 360-degree View of a New Technology or Service

Evidence Reports represent our most sophisticated level of statistical analyses. We compare outcomes for different technologies used to treat the same condition/disease where the data permits—a process known as comparative effectiveness.

Our Evidence-based Practice Center research staff employs a range of analyses, including systematic review, recalculation of published data, original statistical data analyses of published study results, and patient and clinical registries. When evidence is sparse, we offer a critical qualitative review of knowns and unknowns.

See What Lies Beneath the Surface of a New Technology

Learn more about how we can go deep to help you make the best evidence-based decisions for your facility.

This service is available as part of our Health Technology Assessment Information Service.

 ​Make technology decisions based on the big picture

  • At-a-glance charts and tables. Get easy-to-read information on technology specifications, coverage policies, analytic framework, study selection, published clinical studies, ongoing trials, quality evaluation, and the evidence.
  • Content you can navigate at the click of a button. Quickly locate a description of the technology, key questions and outcomes of interest, literature search strategy, evaluation and strength and stability, methods of analysis, evidence base, synthesis and results, ongoing clinical trials, clinical practice guidelines, and conclusions.
  • One-on-one guidance. Review the report contents with the analysts who did the work.