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​ECRI Institute has investigated injuries and deaths related to implants, microprocessor-based medical devices, and supporting equipment and systems, as well as electronic, electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical devices, both reusable and disposable.

Medical Equipment

From aerosol inhalers to x-ray film processors, ECRI Institute has investigated scores of devices and technologies involved in healthcare accidents and adverse events.


Failure analyses and investigations have been conducted on a wide variety of implants.


Medical device accidents are not limited to capital equipment. See our list of disposable devices involved in our accident investigations.

Support Equipment and Systems

Our studies are not limited to individual medical devices; we have also investigated many accidents associated with equipment and systems generally considered an integral part of the hospital facility or other components of the healthcare system.

Microprocessor-Based Devices

ECRI's capabilities in testing and analyzing microprocessor-based medical devices are well established.

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