2019 International Patient Safety Day

Safety Culture at All Levels | September 17

ECRI, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving patient safety, is proud to join leaders around the globe in celebrating International Patient Safety Day.

The theme for this year's worldwide celebration is Safety Culture at All Levels. For ECRI, this means ensuring that patients aren’t put in harm’s way because of unsafe medical technologies, unintended adverse events, and unproven processes and procedures. We do this by testing and evaluating thousands of medical devices, analyzing patient safety events submitted by more than 1,800 members of ECRI Patient Safety Organization (PSO), and assessing the trustworthiness of clinical practice guidelines internationally.

Patient Safety Events Reported to ECRI Institute PSO
Patient Harm Occurring Around the World Every Day

In our experience, we know that event reports are under-reported. So, an important part of our mission involves encouraging the reporting of events and sharing what we’ve learned, especially with leaders in hospitals, ambulatory care, aging services, and homecare.

We invite you to explore all that we have to offer and consider becoming a member of ECRI Institute.

We offer the following resources today, so that tomorrow we all can be closer to realizing our common goal of safer healthcare worldwide.

Patient safety stories

Clinical practice guidelines

Patient safety and risk management resources

Device Safety Resources

Aging resources

ECRI employees come together for patient safety

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